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HB Art Consultancy specializes in curatorial projects, unique exhibitions, commissions and art consultancy. The main, although not exclusive, focus is on the eighteenth century and on contemporary art inspired by that period. The historical country houses and townhouses of Europe form the ideal surroundings for our exhibitions.

Hélène Bremer

I am a Dutch art historian with a degree in Art History and Archaeology from the University of Leiden. My interests are wide-ranging but focus more specifically on the art and culture of the eighteenth century, the Grand Tour, and the history of collecting – especially in the context of European country houses. Over the years these fields of interest have become linked to my passion for collecting contemporary art. This has led to the creation of a personal collection of contemporary works – with a particular emphasis on ceramics – created by artists inspired by the eighteenth century.

Portret Hélène Bremer at Landgoed Zonheuvel
"Linking the contemporary with heritage"