september - december 2024
Wearable Wunderkammer

Wearable Wunderkammer

Wearable Wunderkammer is an exhibition with contemporary jewellery inspired by the curiosity cabinet. Conceived for the Georgian mansion Newbridge House -County Dublin, Ireland- it is inspired by its Cabinet of Curiosities presented in the Museum Room. Throughout the house the exhibition shows the work of a group of well-known international jewellery artists. Core of the exhibition is the presentation of the jewellery as specimens in a curiosity cabinet.

The exhibition is curated by Dutch art historian Hélène Bremer, who specializes in presenting contemporary art in historic houses. Dutch jewellery artist and tutor Evert Nijland acts as a curatorial advisor. Artists represented in the exhibition are: Helen Britton (au), Stefanie Ying Lin Cheong (uk), Benedikt Fischer (at), Gésine Hackenberg (NL), Zena Holloway (uk), Genevieve Howard (ie), Luci Jockel (us), Daniel Kruger (za), Felieke van der Leest (NL), Märta Mattsson (se), Mark Newman (ie), Evert Nijland (NL), Annika Petterson (se), Anna Rikkinen (fi), Emer Roberts (ie), Karin Roy Andersson (se), Rebecca Stevenson (uk), Terhi Tolvanen (fi), Jennifer Trask (us), Tarja Tuupanen (fi) and Truike Verdegaal (NL).

A typical Wunderkammer consists of a rare collection of objects representing the world as a whole. It contains different categories: including Artificialia, manmade objects that are curious, sometimes precious pieces that show exceptional craftmanship. Collectors were guided by their own interest and brought together these treasures, categorized and presented them in purpose-built cabinets or devoted a room to their collection. Contemporary jewellery has a lot in common with the content of a Wunderkammer. In fact jewellery has always been a part of it. Materiality and craftmanship are at the centre of the work of a jewellery artist. A Wunderkammer, this miniature version of the world with man as its center point proved to be an endless source of inspiration for the making and wearing of jewellery.

The content of a Wunderkammer is the personal choice of the collector, selecting to wear a specific piece of jewellery is equally personal. The closeness to the object is key.

The exhibition will be shown from September to December 2024 at Newbridge House (these dates have yet to be confirmed). The aim is to travel the exhibition after that to different venues in Europe. The exhibition can be adapted to the character of each venue. The starting point of every presentation will be an especially designed contemporary cabinet of stories developed by Dutch designer Sebas Kops.

Photo: design by Studio Christa Jesse

Our role: Initiator and curator
location: Various locations in Europe
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